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Are you seeking an eco-friendly alternative to traditional plastic or paper coffee cups? If so, you’re in luck! Bagasse is the perfect solution. Bagasse is a byproduct of sugarcane plants that can make compostable and biodegradable coffee cups.

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Biodegradable bassage coffee cups

What are Bassage Coffee Cups?

Our eco-friendly coffee cups are made from leftover waste from sugar cane plants (also known as bagasse). Therefore, our bagasse coffee cups are 100% compostable and comply with the strict EN13432 standard. These cups can also withstand temperatures up to 100°C.

Our eco-friendly bagasse coffee cups can be customized, and we also have some regular sizes, such as 8oz, 16oz and so on.

• The bagasse coffee cups are 100% compostable and comply with the EN13432 standard, aiding businesses in reducing their environmental impact.
• The cups can withstand temperatures up to 100°C without cracking or becoming brittle, making them suitable for hot beverages like coffee and tea.

• Eco-friendly bagasse coffee cups can be customized with logo or branding message.
• Regular sizes (8oz and 16oz) available for selection.
• Perfect for cafes, restaurants, hotels, offices, and other places where hot beverages are served daily.
• Lightweight yet durable to handle hot liquids.

Product Details

Item NameEco-friendly biodegradable bassage coffee cups
MaterialBagasse pulp
ColorNatural or White
SizeCustomized or regular sizes
ApplicationHot Cup, Cold Cup, Tea Cup, Drinking Cup
Feature1, Biodegradable / Compostable
2, Nontoxic
SampleAvailable for free if we have in stock , proofing will be rechecked
Packing5 layer carton
CertificateSGS, biodegradable/compostable certificates
PaymentT/T / 50% deposit ,balance should be paid before shipment.

Quotation Notice: If a quotation is needed, some details must be provided, such as the size, pieces per roll, printing and so on.

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Multiple sizes and colors available for customization

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Yes, bagasse cups are 100% biodegradable.
  • Bagasse is a byproduct of sugarcane pulp manufacturing. It is used as a replacement for traditional paper products such as plates and cups. Bagasse comprises cellulose fibers that the natural environment can easily break down.
  • The only thing that makes bagasse different from other biodegradable materials is its high water content. This means that it breaks down faster than most other materials, making it an ideal choice for restaurants looking to go green.
  • Bagasse cups are made from the fibrous pulp that remains after the sugar cane has been pressed for juice.
  • Bagasse cups are compostable and biodegradable. They’re made from renewable resources, which are good for the environment.
  • Generally, it takes about two weeks for a bagasse cup to decompose in a commercial composting facility. The composting process will begin when the cup reaches 140 degrees Fahrenheit or higher.
  • Bagasse cups are great for those looking to reduce their environmental footprint. They are made from sugarcane fibers, which are renewable and biodegradable. Bagasse cups are also compostable and can be used in municipal composting facilities.
  • On the other hand, paper cups are not biodegradable or compostable and cannot be recycled in most facilities. Bagasse cups can be recycled in many municipal recycling programs, but they may not be accepted by all programs.
  • Bagasse products are another agricultural waste that is more difficult to recycle. You may have heard of bagasse in the context of biofuels; it’s essentially a byproduct of sugarcane production. Bagasse is used as fuel in many countries, including Brazil, where it’s burned as part of sugarcane processing.
  • However, there are several uses for bagasse products beyond biofuels. For example, they can be used as animal feed, composting material, and energy sources. The use of bagasse in construction materials has been explored and tested worldwide.
  • The main problem with recycling bagasse products is their high moisture content and low calorific value (i.e., how much heat they produce when burned). These qualities make them harder to recycle than other organic waste — though not impossible!
  • If you want your customers to be able to take their coffee on the go, you should consider getting bagasse cups. These biodegradable paper cups are made from sugarcane, making them eco-friendly and sustainable. They’re also better for the environment than plastic, which is why they’re so popular with coffee shops and other businesses that offer takeaway beverages.
  • Sizing Options for Bagasse Cups
  • Bagasse cups come in various sizes, ranging from 8 to 20 ounces. The size you choose will depend on what type of beverages you serve and how much liquid your customers consume at once. If you only sell hot drinks like coffee or tea, getting smaller cups (like 10 or 12 ounces) makes sense since most people don’t like using large vessels for hot beverages unless they have big hands!

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