Custom Biodegradable Hex Wrap Kraft Paper

Hex wrap is a packing material composed of multiple hexagonal shapes connected to form a strong, protective barrier. This structure provides cushioning protection to the items while reducing the amount of padding material used by up to 50%, saving costs in transportation and storage. It is available in three main colors, white, black, and kraft, which cannot be printed.

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Hex Wrap

What is Hex Wrap Kraft Paper?

When protecting your goods during transportation, it’s essential to have the right material to withstand the stress of handling and shipping. Here’s where hex wraps kraft paper comes in, a highly versatile and eco-friendly material widely used across various industries for its advanced features and efficiency.

  1. Hex wrap is composed of hexagonal shapes that create a strong, compact structure while reducing material costs.
  2. Paper has thickness ranging from 70gsm to 120gsm, giving various options for shipping needs.
  3. Made of 100% recycled kraft paper fibers, it is eco-friendly and recyclable.
  4. Compact structure also reduces carbon emissions during transportation.
  1. Hex wrap kraft paper has a variety of applications due to its advanced features.
  2. It is often used to wrap fragile products such as glass, ceramics, and electronics.
  3. Hex wraps provide secure protection from breakage and reduce noise levels in packed products.
  4. The food industry uses hex wrap for packing food items to guarantee product safety during transportation.

Technical Parameters

Item NameHex wrap kraft paper
MaterialKraft paper
Feature Disposable ,Eco-Friendly , Biodegradable /Compostable
SizeCustomized Size or regular sizes
ApplicationPackaging products or use as fillers
SampleProviding 1pcs of free sample if we have in stock, proofing will be accepted
PackingCartons or Pallets
PaymentT/T / 50% deposit ,balance should be paid before shipment.

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What are the available colors for hex wrap?

Answer: The available colors are white, black, and kraft color.

Does hex wrap provide reliable cushioning protection?

Answer: Yes, it provides reliable cushioning protection while reducing the materials used so that the wrapped items are not damaged during transportation.

Is it easy to install hex wrap?

Answer: Yes, it is easy to install and use with its compact size design.

What kind of items can use hex wrap?

Answer: Hex wrap can protect items during transportation and storage, such as palletized items, household furniture, industrial machinery components, fragile goods, or electronics products.

How much does hex wrap reduce materials usage?

Answer: Its structure reduces materials usage by up to 50%.

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