Compostable PLA Lined Paper Bags

The use of plastic is becoming increasingly frowned upon due to its detrimental effect on the environment and health. This has caused many people to search for sustainable alternatives , and one such option is a compostable PLA-lined paper bag. A compostable PLA-lined paper bag is coated with a biopolymer lining made from renewable sources like corn or other plant-based materials. This paper bag can be used in place of traditional plastic bag and offers many advantages.

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Compostable PLA lined paper bags

What is Compostable PLA Lined Paper Bags?

A Compostable PLA Lined Paper Bag is an eco-friendly and sustainable alternative to traditional plastic bag. Unlike plastic, the compostable bag is made from paper coated with a biopolymer lining derived from renewable sources. The lining is designed to break down in just six months when exposed to oxygen and microorganisms, making it an ideal option for those looking to reduce their environmental impact. 

  • Compostable PLA-lined paper bags are eco-friendly, made from renewable sources, and contain no toxic chemicals.
  • These bags are strong and durable, carrying heavier items as regular plastic bags without tearing or breaking.
  • The biopolymers used to line the bag make it water vapor and oxygen resistant,  making the food inside last longer
  • Bags can be customized in colors , sizes and printing design , making them ideal for branding  .
  • In line with European EN13432, they are safe ,healthy , food grade
  • Compostable PLA-lined paper bags have a wide range of applications: They can be used as grocery bags in supermarkets or convenience stores;
  • They can also be used as lunch bags for school children; they can even be used for packaging products like clothing or electronics for retail stores.
  • These bags are also widely used in food service businesses such as restaurants and cafes as an alternative to traditional plastic packaging options.

Lined Paper Bags Technical Parameters

Item NameCompostable PLA Lined Recycled paper bags
MaterialKraft paper +pla/pbat biodegradable films
Feature Disposable ,Eco-Friendly , Biodegradable /Compostable
Function Eco-Friendly ,Waterproof , Oil-proof
Printing Customized printing
SizeCustomized Size
ApplicationSnacks , Coffee,Tea, Candy and other products.
SampleProofing will be accepted
PackingCartons and Pallets
PaymentT/T / 50% deposit ,balance should be paid before shipment.
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