Customized PLA Biodegradable T-shirt Bags

Our PLA biodegradable T-shirt shopping bags can be customized according to customers’ needs in size, color, printing, etc. If you are looking for biodegradable packaging products (for example, biodegradable shopping bags), please do not hesitate to contact us.

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What is a Biodegradable T-shirt Bag?

Biodegradable T-shirt bags are made from eco-friendly materials that break into natural elements over time. Unlike traditional plastic bags, these do not cause environmental damage or harm wildlife.

Our biodegradable T-shirt bags are made of biodegradable material PLA+corn starch+PBAT or PLA+PBAT, which is durable, strong, and water resistant. These bags come in various sizes, styles, and colors so that you can find the perfect option for your needs!

1. Compared to traditional plastic, it can reduce the co2 emission.
2. Biodegradable and non-toxic
3. Can be disposed of in your home compost pile.
4. Corn allergies are not an issue since the allergen and profiling are destroyed in manufacturing.
5. Available for customized size, color, and printing.

  • Biodegradable t-shirt bags are versatile and can be used in various settings, including retail stores, grocery stores, schools, and more.
  • They can also serve as promotional tools for businesses looking to increase their visibility among potential customers.
  • Due to their strength and durability, they are great for carrying heavier items such as textbooks or laptops.
Product Details
Item NameFully biodegradable and compostable T-shirt shopping bags ,customized
MaterialPLA+PBAT, PLA+PBAT+Cornstarch
ColorSemi-transparent or Customized
ApplicationMarketing Shopping ,Grocery bags
Feature1, Biodegradable and compostable
2, Nontoxic , food grade
3, Raw material is from natural material
4.With handle
SampleAvailable for free if we have in stock , proofing will be rechecked
Packing5 layer carton
CertificateISO 9001, biodegradable/compostable certificates
PaymentT/T / 50% deposit ,balance should be paid before shipment.

Quotation Notice: If a quotation is needed, some details must be provided, such as the size, pieces per roll, printing and so on.

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Multiple sizes and colors available for customization


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Are you looking for a manufacturer of Biodegradable T-shirt Bags in customizable colours and sizes? Don't look any further; contact us now! We are a Chinese factory with a 24-hour free consultation service online.

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Frequently Asked Questions

PLA: Polylactic acid (PLA) is a new type of biodegradable material made from starch derived from renewable plant resources (e.g., corn). The saccharification of starch raw materials obtains glucose. High-purity lactic acid is produced by the fermentation of glucose and certain strains of bacteria, and then PLA of specific molecular weight is synthesized by the chemical synthesis method.

It has good biodegradability and can be completely degraded by natural microorganisms after use, eventually generating carbon dioxide and water without polluting the environment, which is very beneficial to the protection of the environment and is recognized as an environmentally friendly material. The treatment method of standard plastic is still burning and cremation, which causes many greenhouse gases to be discharged into the air. In contrast, PLA plastic is buried in the soil to degrade, and the carbon dioxide produced goes directly into the soil organic matter or is absorbed by plants, which will not be discharged into the air and will not cause the greenhouse effect.

Yes, Polylactic acid (PLA) bags are biodegradable and compostable . And under compost conditions, these bags are broken down into CO2 and water by microorganisms within 180days.  

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