Custom Printed Compostable Garment Dust Bags

If you’re looking for a cost-effective and eco-friendly way to protect your delicate clothing, look no further than compostable garment dust bags. These bags are made from compostable materials, such as PLA + PBAT, PLA + PBAT + cornstarch, etc. They offer excellent protection for delicate apparel, including dresses, suits, shirts, gowns, and more.

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biodegradable garment bags

What is a Biodegradable Garment Bag?

Our compostable dust garment bags are mainly made from biodegradable and compostable materials such as PLA and PBAT. These eco-friendly garment bags protect delicate apparel, such as dresses, shirts, suits, pants, gowns, etc.

  • Compostable garment bags are also biodegradable. Because of their excellent biodegradability, they can help keep the environment clean.
  • They are lightweight yet strong, making them perfect for fashion stores to send garments without adding extra weight or cost.
  • Compostable garment dust bags come in various sizes and colours, offering options to suit any preference.
  • Because of its anti-static material, the bio garment bag can prevent dust adsorption. It is an excellent way to keep the clothing clean and tidy.
  • Customized printing can be offered for marketing purposes or fun!
  • Garment dust bags are designed to protect clothing from dust, dirt, and other environmental factors that could damage or soil it. They are handy for storing off-season clothes, special occasion outfits, or any garments that are not worn frequently but must be kept in pristine condition.
  • Additionally, because they’re made from antistatic and compostable materials, these bags not only help keep clothes clean and tidy but also contribute to environmental sustainability.
  • Moreover, the customized printing on these bags makes them an excellent tool for brand marketing or personalization. It adds a fun or professional touch while ensuring garment safety.
Product Details
Item NameCustom Printed compostable garment dust bags
ApplicationGarment Dust-proof
Feature1,Biodegradable and compostable
2, Nontoxic , food grade
3, Raw material is from natural material
SampleAvailable for free if we have in stock , proofing will be rechecked
Packing5 layer carton
CertificateISO 9001, biodegradable/compostable certificates
PaymentT/T / 50% deposit ,balance should be paid before shipment.

Quotation Notice: If a quotation is needed, some details must be provided, such as the size, color of the bags, printing , demand quantity and so on.

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Multiple sizes and colors available for customization


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What kinds of compostable garment bags are available?

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What are compostable garment bags made of?

What are compostable garment dust bags made of?

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Frequently Asked Questions

Compostable garment bags are made from compostable materials like PLA +PBAT. These materials typically take six months to two years to fully decompose. It depends on soil type, temperature, air quality, moisture levels, and available organic matter. For example, if the environment is warm and moist with plenty of beneficial bacteria, decomposition may occur more quickly than if the climate is cold and dry.

Compostable garment bags are made from biodegradable materials and are not recyclable. However, these materials generally do not have to be sent to a landfill, as they can be composted with organic material in a commercial or backyard composting bin.

Yes! We offer custom branding on all of our garment bags. We can print your logo and/or business information on the inside and outside of the bag. If you need help designing your own logo, please contact us, and we will be happy to assist you in creating a professional-looking logo for your company.

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