Honeycomb Paper Padded Mailer

A Honeycomb paper padded mailer is an ideal packaging solution for sending small parts and delicate products. These mailers are lightweight, cost-effective, and offer excellent cushioning and protection against impacts.

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Honeycomb Mailer

What Are Honeycomb Paper Padded Mailers?

Honeycomb paper padded mailers are a lightweight and eco-friendly packaging solution for businesses that need to ship their products safely. These highly protective envelopes are made from 100% recycled paper and offer superior cushioning and protection, making them ideal for shipping items such as books, electronics, medical supplies, and more.

  • Material: Honeycomb paper padded envelopes are made of FSC-certified paper material, uncoated, fully recyclable, and comply with environmental protection requirements. This kind of paper material has high strength, wear resistance and folding resistance, and can protect items well.
  • Structure:  Honeycomb paper padded envelope has a unique design. Its outer layer is made of kraft paper and its inner layer is made of paper honeycomb structure. This structure has good buffering and protective properties, which can effectively reduce the vibration and impact of items during transportation and protect items from damage.
  • Size: Honeycomb paper padded envelopes provide a variety of size options to meet the packaging needs of different items. At the same time, printing can be customized according to customer requirements to make the packaging more personalized.
  • Convenience: Honeycomb paper padded envelopes adopt an automatic sealing design, without the need for staples or tape, which is convenient and fast. This design also makes the packaging more beautiful and enhances the overall image.
  • Economical: Honeycomb paper padded envelopes are more economical and affordable than traditional bubble film packaging bags. Its lightweight characteristics can reduce transportation costs, and the reduction of solid waste is also beneficial to the environment.
  • Honeycomb paper padded mailers come in various sizes and thicknesses to suit various needs.
  • These mailers are made from Kraft paper with a honeycomb-style interior lining, providing superior cushioning against impacts during transit.
  • They can be customized with special printing or branding for unique packaging solutions.
  • Typical applications include shipping small parts, electronics, cosmetics, medical supplies, jewellery and clothing items.

Technical Parameters

Item NameEco-friendly Recyclable Honeycomb Paper Padded Mailer
MaterialKraft paper/corrugated paper
Feature Disposable ,Eco-Friendly , Biodegradable /Compostable
DesignAs per customers’ requirements.
Printing Customized printing /Non printing
SizeCustomized Size
SampleProviding 1pcs of free sample if we have in stock, proofing will be accepted
PackingCartons or Pallets
PaymentT/T / 50% deposit ,balance should be paid before shipment.

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