Custom Biodegradable Bamboo pulp paper

More and more people are looking for sustainable, eco-friendly alternatives to traditional tree-based paper. Bamboo pulp paper is one alternative that has recently gained popularity. This paper is made from natural fibers extracted from bamboo plants and provides several advantages over traditional tree-based paper.

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eco-friendly bamboo pulp paper

What is Bamboo pulp paper?

Bamboo pulp paper is a type of paper that uses bamboo pulp as the main raw material.
They can be made from 100% bamboo pulp , or made from mixed pulp . (mainly mixed with wood pulp or straw pulp in a certain proportion).

Bamboo pulp paper is a sustainable and eco-friendly alternative to traditional tree-based paper.

It is solid and durable, making it ideal for writing, printing, packaging, and other uses. The bamboo pulp used in this kind of paper is highly renewable, as it can be harvested without depleting natural resources.

  • Bamboo pulp paper is more sustainable than tree-based paper because it can be harvested and regrown much faster.
  • The production process for bamboo pulp paper creates fewer pollutants than traditional tree-based paper.
  • Bamboo pulp paper produces fewer greenhouse emissions during its production process than traditional tree-based paper does.
  • Bamboo pulp paper is renowned for its strength and durability, making it ideal for frequently used documents.
  • It can withstand more wear and tear than traditional tree-based papers.
  • Bamboo pulp paper absorbs ink better, allowing for high-definition printing jobs with crisp lines and vivid colors.
  • In terms of process and color, there are unbleached natural color and bleached white bamboo pulp paper
  • In terms of application, there are food grade and non-food grade bamboo pulp paper
    Food grade bamboo pulp paper , 160-350g is available
    Non-food grade bamboo pulp paper, 50-150g is available
  • Bamboo pulp paper is a superior choice for various applications due to its strength and ink absorption capabilities.
  • It can be used for business cards, flyers, posters, invitations, labels, packaging, and more.
  • Artists favor this material because it produces high-quality prints with vibrant colors and sharp lines—perfect for displaying artwork or photographs in galleries or online stores.

Bamboo pulp paper Technical Parameters

Item NameBiodegrdable Bamboo pulp paper, brown kraft paper
MaterialBamboo pulp
Feature Disposable ,Eco-Friendly , Biodegradable /Compostable
SizeCustomized Size or regular sizes
Specification 70gsm,80gsm,90gsm,100gsm or else.
ColorNatural Brown
Printing Logo or printing customize is accepted .
ApplicationUsed as packaging paper for foods , gifts or other products
SampleProviding 1pcs of free sample if we have in stock, proofing will be accepted
PackingCartons or Pallets (in sheets or in rolls)
PaymentT/T / 50% deposit ,balance should be paid before shipment.
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