The Benefits of Using PVA Water Soluble Film?

The Benefits of Using PVA Water Soluble Film?

PVA water-soluble film or polyvinyl alcohol film, is a kind of green packaging material, can solve the world’s “white pollution” problem, has other special properties, and is widely used; The market is very broad and has received wide attention in the world.
The main raw material of PVA water-soluble film is polyvinyl alcohol. As a new concept of environmental protection packaging materials, PVA water-soluble film is widely used in water-soluble chemical products packaging bags in Europe, America, Japan and other countries. For example,  it can be used as the packaging bags for pesticides, fertilizers, fuels, cleaning agents, water treatment agents, minerals, detergents, concrete additives, photographic chemicals, garden care chemicals, etc.,  Furthermore, it can  be used as plant seed bags, clothing bags, food and hospital washing bags and other products inside and outside packaging bags.
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The Ultimate Guide To PVA Water Soluble Film

Advantages of PVA water soluble film

1. Safe and non-toxic

Water soluble film is safe, non-toxic, non-irritating and easy to degrade. Aftere dissolving  in water, the final degradation products are carbon dioxide and water, which can be absorbed by the body and excreted through metabolism.

2. Environmental protection and easy to dissolve

Water-soluble film is colorless and transparent, can quickly dissolve in water. After  dissolving , the contents of the film packaging are released, so that the effective ingredients can play a role quickly. Still,  after the film is dissolved, the solution is neutral, its composition is pollution-free to the environment. So it is an environmentally friendly product.

3. Oil resistance, corrosion resistance

Water-soluble film is insoluble in most organic solvents (such as benzene, xylene, etc.) and all animal oils, vegetable oils, petroleum hydrocarbons, but soluble in glycerol, ethylene glycol, amide, triethanolamine, as well as ethanolamine salt and dimethyl maple;

4. Anti-static

Water-soluble film is an anti-static film, which is different from other plastic films and has good anti-static performance. So the water-soluble film packaging products in the process of use, will not cause the plastic and electrostatic dustproof performance decline due to static electricity;

5. Elastic tensile strength

Water soluble film thickness 0.03-0.05mm, tensile strength 100-300 kg/cm2, elongation 10-600%, hardness less than Shore hardness 10. Due to the good flexibility of the film, it can be made into various sizes of packaging, arbitrary packaging, convenient bag making, simple processing;

6. Accurate measurement

The unique elastic modulus and tensile strength of the water-soluble film make it have a high mechanical automatic packaging performance, suitable for various automatic filling machines, improve the accuracy of the dose

7. Strong heat sealing

Water-soluble packaging bag has good heat sealing performance, heat resistance temperature up to 140℃, suitable for resistance heat sealing and high frequency heat sealing;

8. Air permeability and oxygen resistance

Water soluble film has strong permeability to water and ammonia, and has good barrier property to oxygen, nitrogen, hydrogen and carbon dioxide gas. These characteristics enable it to maintain the composition and original odor of the packaged product, protect the activity of the contents, and improve the effective utilization rate of pesticides;

9. Clear printing

It can print patterns of various colors  on the surface of the film through ink, and the printing adaptability is good.

Application of PVA water-soluble film

1. Agriculture and chemical industry

(1) Inner lining bag for pesticide and chemical products.

The bags and products are dissolved directly in water together to avoid direct contact with pesticides and chemical products. Compared with traditional plastic bags, there is no pesticide residue in plastic bags, and the effective use of pesticides or chemicals is realized.

(2) Seed bags.

The seeds are buried in the ground after regular packing, saving valuable seeds and eliminating the busy thinning .

PVA polyvinyl alcohol film is water soluble material as the inner packaging. It is a pollution-free, non-toxic water-soluble bag. Immediately dissolved in water, forming a colloidal liquid, can gradually penetrate into the soil, increase the soil group adhesion and air permeability and water retention, very suitable for soil reform, PVA polymer is easy to be decomposed by bacteria in soil. It eventually degrades into water and carbon dioxide (H2O and CO2). With complete water solubility and biodegradability, it is a green environmental protection product.

2. Construction Industry

Cement additive (silicon powder, etc.) packaging bags. Ensure the precise and quantitative addition of additives to avoid the harm of dust flying to the environment. Especially the need to add glass fiber, basalt fiber, etc. occasions (can improve its tensile limit strength, can be increased by 30 to 50%). The use of water-soluble bag packaging is the most convenient and reasonable way. Moreover, a small amount of PVA in concrete also has the effect of increasing bond strength.

3. Textile industry

Embroidery, wig and other fabric carrier. As a carrier, easy to clean;

4. Building materials industry

Used as large artificial stone release film. Artificial marble release film is used in the production process of artificial marble as release film.

5. Healthcare

Hospital or laundry bag. Cleaning personnel do not need to contact contaminated clothing directly to avoid cross infection.

6. Daily chemical industry

Laundry bag, liquid detergent packaging.
Laundry detergent contains highly concentrated cleaning and care ingredients with an extremely low water content. It doesn’t need to be measured. Easily clean 6 to 14 dirty clothes with just one bead. With convenient use and efficient decontamination ability, laundry detergent quickly became popular and the market grew steadily.

At present, according to the industry standard of laundry detergent, the active substance content of 15% to 25% in laundry detergent is called ordinary type, 25% to 30% is called concentrated type, more than 30% can be marked with the “concentrated detergent” sign, more than 45% can be marked with the “concentrated +” sign, and the active substance content in laundry beads is generally more than 45%.
As the “third generation laundry technology”, laundry condensation beads are far more convenient than laundry detergent and laundry powder in use, and have certain advantages in cleaning effect. Their effective cleaning ingredients are generally higher than the national standard laundry detergent formula, and the cleaning strength is stronger than traditional laundry products. Also, they combine several ingredients into one.

7. Packaging industry

Fruit and vegetable fresh-keeping packaging, supermarket shopping bags, garbage bags.
Because of its good antistatic properties, it is also often used in the packaging of electronic products.

8. Printing

Water transfer, after printing on the film, the printing on the film can be transferred to the curved surface.

Classification of PVA water-soluble films

1. Normal temperature water soluble film
(also known as instant film, cold water soluble film)

Dissolution temperature: 15-30 degrees
Break time: Around 30 s
Complete dissolution time: about 2 minutes
Application: Used for garment embroidery base material, agricultural seed bag, herbicide packaging, cleaning supplies packaging, detergent and other disposable packaging bags

2. Medium temperature water soluble film

Dissolution temperature: about 45-60 degrees
Break time: Around 20s
Complete dissolution time: about 2 minutes
Uses: infectious medical cloth laundry bag, pet poop bag, etc

3. High temperature water soluble film

Dissolution temperature: above 70 degrees
Cracking time: about 30s
Complete dissolution time: about 3 minutes
Application: supermarket shopping bag, artificial marble release film, etc.


In conclusion, PVA water-soluble films offer many benefits to businesses and individuals. Its enhanced properties, such as water solubility and flexibility, make it an attractive choice for food packaging applications and other applications. Moreover , it has some benefits related to health, safety and convenience.
The essential advantage of PVA water-soluble films is that they are highly biodegradable and non-toxic, making them an environmentally friendly choice. It is also very flexible, allowing for a variety of shapes and sizes to meet any need.
Overall, PVA water-soluble films offer many benefits to businesses and individuals. Its enhanced properties make it an attractive choice for food packaging and other applications. It is also environmentally friendly as it is highly biodegradable and non-toxic. Its solubility and flexibility also make it ideal for a variety of applications. Therefore, whether you are looking for an environmentally friendly packaging option or a reliable solution for medical or industrial applications, PVA water soluble films are a good choice.

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