What are PVOH water soluble films?

What are PVOH water soluble films?
PVA water soluble films


PVA water soluble film


POVH Water soluble films are a type of film technology that has been in use for many years. There are many important applications of PVOH water soluble films, from packaging to medical supplies, and it has a wide range of properties that make it a valuable material. In this article, we will discuss what PVOH water soluble films are, their benefits, and why they are so helpful.

What are PVOH Water Soluble Films?

PVOH Water soluble films, also known as dissolvable films, are packaging made from water soluble and  biodegradable polymers – polyvinyl alcohol .They are designed to dissolve in water and can be used as water soluble packagings in many industires . Also ,they are often used as functional films in some industires. For example , they can one of the best of choice to be release films for Quartz stone, artificial marble, artificial limb and so on.

PVOH Water soluble films have a wide range of features and benefits that make them an ideal solution for various applications. Some of the most notable features and benefits include:

• Water  soluble:

As we all known , the water soluble films can be dissolved  in water under suitable condition.

• Lightweight:

The films are lightweight, making them easy to transport and store.

• Non-toxic:

The films are generally non-toxic, making them safe for contact with food and medical supplies.

• Biodegradable:

The films are also biodegradable . That means if there are still some small parts after the PVOH films dissolves in water . These small parts can be biodegradated into CO2 and H2O by the microorganism around .

• Versatile:

There are various of application of the soluble films , including packaging for many different produts which need to dissolve in water ,but no need to remove the packagings.

Applications of water soluble films

PVA water soluble film -agriculture

Water-soluble films are used in various applications, including  packging bags in Agriculture ; packaging in Medical ; packaging for electronics, laundry detergents and so on.

• Food packaging:

Although the water soluble films are non-toxic , we still don’t suggest to use it to pack the food directly . They are usually used as the out packaging bags , for example , the supermarket shopping bags .  Anyway, the films can be used to make fishing bait bags,  then the fishing bait can contact with films directly . 

• Medical Application:

There are two main applications of the soluble films in Medical industry .  One is  to make the anti-infection laundry bags, another one is to be as the release films of artificial limb

Laundry  bags

the PVOH water soluble laudry bags from soluble films have played an import role in the fight against COVID-19.  It can prevent hospital staff from coming into direct contact with contaminated bed linen by using the water soluble laundry bags . It effectively avoids  cross infection among hospital staff and patients.

The release films of artificial limb

The POVH water soluble films can also be used as the release films for artificial limb becuase of  its super physical and chemical properties.

PVA water soluble films have good detachment with epoxy resin, unsaturated resin and other thermoplastic plastics, and they are high temperature resistant. So it can be used as artificial prosthetics (epoxy resin and unsaturated plastic resin) release film and can be cut into the required specifications as requested .

• Electronics:

They are used for packaging various electronic components, such as circuit boards and chips due to its good antistatic property.

• Laundry detergents:

They are used for packaging laundry detergents, the films will be designed to suitable for packing the high concentration detergent. While, the soluble films will dissolve in water immediately when meeting water , and then releasing the content detergent .



Water soluble films are a type of film technology that has been in use for many years. It is a versatile material for various applications, such as packaging food, medical supplies, electronics, and laundry detergents. The main benefits of water-soluble films are that they are watersoluble, lightweight, non-toxic, and cost-effective. These features make it easy to see why they are so prevalent in various industries.

Benefits of water soluble films



Water-soluble films are becoming an increasingly popular packaging choice among many businesses due to their numerous benefits. They have much to offer, from improved product protection to cost savings, and are quickly becoming the preferred choice for many companies worldwide.


Benefits of Water-Soluble Films

There are many benefits to using water-soluble films, which make them the preferred choice for many businesses. Here are the top four benefits of water-soluble films:

1. Improved Product Protection:

They protect against moisture, dust, and contaminants. The films can also withstand extreme temperatures, ensuring that your products are safe and secure during transit and storage.

2. Increased Productivity:

They can be quickly and easily applied to products, saving time and reducing labor costs. The films also allow for faster product packaging, resulting in increased productivity and improved efficiency.

3. Environmentally Friendly:

They are made from water soluble polymers, making them an environmentally friendly packaging option. The films  are also biodegradable, which can help reduce your company’s carbon footprint.

4. Cost Savings:

Water soluble films

The value of the water-soluble film itself is not cheap, but in some ways, it is indeed a cost-effective packaging, for example, in some scenes ,for some products which don’t need to open the packaging, but need the content to be released after the soluble packing dissolving, water-soluble film can be said to be a very cost-saving packaging.
First, water-soluble packaging, can be dissolved in water, Even if there are some parts can’t be dissolved completely, and can be decomposed into CO2 and H2O by microorganisms in the environment, neither pollute the environment, and do not need to spend a extra fee to deal with packaging waste
Second, because the product can be dissolved in water with water-soluble packaging, improving the utilization rate of the product, for example, in the dyeing industry, water-soluble bags to package dyes can effectively avoid fuel remaining on the bag, which also effectively reduces waste and saves costs.


Water-soluble films have become an increasingly popular packaging solution as the food industry continues to evolve and innovate. They have several advantages, including reducing costs, imprimprovingduct shelf lifreducingsumer convenience. Improving soluble films are made of frincreasinginyl alcohol (PVOH), a commodity polymer soluble in water, and can be used to create flexible and durable packaging solutions. The film can be used for various applications, including food, pharmaceuticals, medical packaging, and agricultural products. The properties of the film are also ideal for 3D printing and other industrial applications.

They offer several advantages over traditional packaging solutions, including improved shelf life, reduced waste, and fewer shipping costs. The film is also environmentally friendly, as it is water soluble and biodegradable .  In addition, the film is easy to store and transport, as it does not require refrigeration or special storage conditions.

In conclusion, water-soluble films have become famous as food packaging solutions due to their cost-effectiveness, environmental friendliness, and durability. The film is versatile and can be used for various applications, including food, pharmaceuticals, medical packaging, and agricultural products. By utilizing the advantages of water-soluble films, companies can reduce costs, improve product shelf life, and increase consumer convenience.

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