What is the Biodegradable Paper Mailers ?

What is the Biodegradable Paper Mailers ?
Biodegradable honeycomb paper padded mailers

Introduction of Biodegradable Paper Mailers

As an indispensable express packaging bag for e-commerce express logistics, we usually use plastic bubble envelopes or kraft bubble bags. In recent years, the rapid development of e-commerce making the use of express bags is increasing day by day. And people generally discard the express bags after receiving the express, which leads to more and more pollution of plastic express to the environment. While the plastic products can only be recyclable. It does not degrade in the natural environment. Therefore, paper mailers will become a more environmentally friendly alternative. Biodegradable paper mailers made from recycled and biodegradable materials and help protect products during shipping. They also help minimize your carbon footprint since they can be recycled and biodegradable when they are no longer needed. They are excellent for these businesses who would like to use environmentally-friendly shipping options.

Different types of  biodegradable paper mailers 


Honeycomb paper padded mailer 


Biodegradable honeycomb paper padded mailers

Honeycomb paper padded bag can be an environmentally friendly and economical alternative to existing bubble mailing bags. They Can be used widely used as the mailing bags for clothing, food, jewelry, documents, books, electronic accessories and other products . In the premise of environmental protection can also protect items, it will be a good alternative for plastic mailing bags .

What the benefits the environmentally friendly honeycomb paper padded mailers can bring ?

Compostable honeycomb paper padded mailers

1. Environmental protection – 100% FSC certified paper, no coating, can be fully recycled.
2. Lightweight – compared with corrugated boxes, honeycomb paper envelope bag is lighter weight, less solid waste, less postage, saving environmental resources and so on
3. High quality cushioning performance – the combination of outer kraft paper and inner honeycomb structure makes honeycomb envelope bag have good cushioning and protection performance
4. Easy to use – automatic sealing, no additional tools required
5. A variety of options – can provide a variety of sizes, and can be customized printing according to the customers’ needs

 Paper Corrugated Padded Envelope


Biodegradable corrugated paper padded mailers

As the paper honeycomb paper padded mailers , compostable paper corrugated padded envelope can also be an environmentally friendly and economical alternative to existing bubble mailing bags. The corruagted padded envelope will be one of the best option for some valuable and fragile products.

The Advantages of the paper corrugated padded envelope

 compostable corrugated paper padded envelope

1. Light weight

The corrugated envelope bag is very light in weight and very convenient to use, especially suitable for the packaging and transportation of express, packages and other items, which can effectively reduce transportation costs.

2. Environmental-friendly and sustainable

Its raw material corrugated paper is a natural and biodegradable material, easy to recycle and use, low cost, will not cause pollution and threat to the environment.

3. Low cost

The cost of raw material paper is very low, and it has been widely used in packaging, transportation  and other fields.

4. Good buffer performance

Corrugated paper has distinct layers and good buffering performance, which can effectively protect items and avoid damage during transportation and handling.

5. Strong printability
Strong printability, can meet the needs of customers in different industries, but also better meet the needs of brand promotion and advertising

 Regular kraft paper mailers 

Biodegradable kraft paper envelope

 Kraft paper mailers are made of 100% kraft paper bags , there are usually kraft brown paper mialers and white paper mailers

what’s the usage of the kraft paper mailers ?

The kraft paper mailers are usually used to pack and delivery documents . They can also used to pack and delivery some light weight of products, such as the clothes , trinket and so on.

The advantage and disadvantages of the kraft paper mailers


 1. Eco-friendly and sustainable  :  the paper mailers are made of 100% kraft paper , no plastic liner.

2. Low cost :  the raw material is 100% kraft paper ,  its cost will be low accordingly 

3. Light weight: it will be more lighter than other mailers because it is made from 100% paper

4. Strong printability: can meet the customers’ different customized design printing . 


The buffer performance of the kraft paper mailer is poor relatively  because it there is no liner. So it isn’t suitable to use the kraft paper mailer to pack and delivery a little heavy or valuable products .


With the rapid development of global e-commerce and the enhancement of people’s environmental awareness, biodegradable packaging products are becoming more and more popular, and a variety of environmentally friendly bioderadable paper mailers have therefore emerged. Our biodegradable delivery bags are all made of naturally degradable materials and are 100% naturally degradable.
Moreover, such as honeycomb paper padded mailers and corrugated paper padded mailers, in addition to the advantages of environmental protection, they also have good buffer performance. In express delivery industry, they will be the best alternatives to plastic express mailing bags.

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